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[QUOTE=mannie8;3324534]Thanks for the responses. I agree that I should probably stay out of it. It just bothers me that I can't do anything about it. If I do step in it will only look bad on my part since she isn't contacting me directly. I'll look like the psycho, not her. I did express my feelings to him that it frustrates me that she is still around after 2 1/2 years. He can't change his email address because many of his clients use it to contact him. What if I suggest he put her email in the block messages list? Would that be too controlling of me?

Also, I have her email address and he doesn't know I do. I signed her up for some republican newsletters a couple months ago for my own pure enjoyment. She's a huge democrat. This was after she tried sabotaging our relationship by sending me an email that looked like it was from my BF. I am tempted to have a little more fun with it. Is that bad of me?[/QUOTE]

I stopped reading after this because I wanted to respond...

to answer your question, YES, it is bad of you. You're sinking to her level, and you're actually giving her exactly what she wants. She now knows she's gotten to you, she has had an effect, and that tells her that what she's been doing is working, and she will kick it up a notch, and now you have the exact opposite of what you say you want, her to just go away. She has you engaged and she has you on the run and feeling threatened, and that is what she wants.

This issue is NOT between you and her, no matter how much it may feel like it. It's between YOU and your BF. I agree with the other posters, I suspect that if he really wanted her out of his life, she would be. He can change his number, he can stop picking up when she calls, he can change his email addy, he could even file a restraining order if it's that big a problem. Do you have anything more than just his word that he's been telling her to leave him alone?

I'd say it's up to your boyfriend. If it bothers you that much and he gives a fig about your feelings, he'd do whatever he has to do to make her get the message and leave him alone. You ask why is she still contacting him after two years? She still has feelings for him and wants him back. Not only that, but for some reason, she thinks she CAN get him back. You need to determine what gave her this idea, her own issues, or your boyfriend.

I really have to wonder about guys who paint exes out to be loony psychos who can't let go. More often than not, it means he either ended it with lies and disrespect, or he's doing something to encourage the continued contact. Of course the Glenn Close bunny boilers are out there, but I don't immediately believe the man who said his ex is one. It takes two.

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