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Wow, I’m sorry that you have been faced with the decision. Finance or family. I kind of went through the same situation with my daughter’s father’s mother. We had to live with her while I was pregnant and after the baby was born. She would do the same thing with the dishes. While we were eating, she would try to do them and I would pretty much have to fight her to let me wash my own dishes. She also would go into our bedroom and do our laundry. I was extremely offended to say the least. Some people might actually love the idea of somebody cleaning after them but…not me. I was a new mother and I felt that it was very disrespectful after I told her numerous times to stay away from my draws!!

I am very independent and didn’t know that I would have to prove myself! I had no problem with doing my own cleaning. I mean, I felt good that I was taking care of the family and doing the ‘wife’ work. That made me feel really good you know. I talked to her a million times but the things that she would do would just get creepier. She dug in my trash several times and questioned me about things that she found. She would listen to mine and my bf’s conversations and all of our arguments and always take his side. Even if he hit me! There was even a time that my bf messed me up pretty bad. I got my daughter packed and ready to go and she choked me and told me that I wasn’t leaving anywhere with her grand daughter. Oh, and after my daughter was born, I would wake up in the middle of the night to find that the baby wasn’t in her crib but in bed with her!! She would tell my daughter to call her mom. Also, she said that I was being too hard on my daughter when I would put her in the corner for not eating ect. I would always have to calmly say something to her and let her know that she was overstepping her boundaries. Of course, she would get offended and start yelling, no matter what the situation. No wonder why her son is so freaking spoiled and in and out of rehab for several different addictions!

I’m sorry, enough about me. Some people are just crazy. I’m sorry, just her actions are of envy and jealously. There was and is no reason why she should be acting that way. I think that it has a lot to do with her history. What she has endured throughout her life. I’m sure that you already know this but my advice to you would to just move on with your life. I mean, I would try to contact your mom just to see if anything has changed with her feeling towards you and your finance. Also, I give thumbs up to your woman! She stuck by you man. She’s a keeper!

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