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Pendulum: Thanks for your insight on this subject, I appreciate it. It seems as though my situation might be a little easier than your situation. I, myself, do not have too many concerns about her disadvantaged background and the educational gap, because she works for one of the largest insurance companies in the country, holds a steady job and probably makes more than the average family in the United States. Not that this is important to me, in and of itself, but I have never had any problems with her not being able to hold her own in a conversation and she is always a great asset to any gathering. My situation might be also a little easier because she only has one daughter, 50% of the time, and her daughter is exceedingly well behaved. My girlfriend does not have too bad of a temper, although I am somewhat concerned about some of her drinking habits on occasion. In any case, the issue of drinking is one that we can address, separately, and has nothing to do with any of the concerns of my parents, for example.

JulJul22: Whether the statistic that "50% of all marriages end in divorce" is precisely correct or not, it remains the case that many marriages do, in fact, and in a divorce. Whether it is 49%, 47% or 51%, there is some substantial number of marriages that do, in fact, and in a divorce. My girlfriend and I dated for about two years and then moved in together. Anyone who has ever dated someone else can tell you that, usually, things change somewhat when you move in together and new problems arise that had not been there, previously. I do not think that it is wrong of me to make sure that the relationship is everything that all parties want before going forward and getting married. I think that if everyone is not on the same page, it would be a bad idea. In addition, the as you probably know, if any breakups are to happen, it would always be preferable for those breakups to happen during the course of us dating and not after a short, but contentious, marriage.

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