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Has your mother disapproved of your past relationships or is it just your current girlfriend that she doesn't approve of? Some parents won't like any person that their child has a relationship with. Like everyone else has said it's your decision, as far as talking to your mom and trying to change her opinion that is probably difficult to do; usually when some one has their mind made up it's already made up. If you love your girlfriend and she's the one you want to be with then hopefully your mom will be able to come around and respect your decision as well as your girlfriend.
It doesn't sound to me like your in love with this woman especially since you don't want to be burdened with her mother's lack of money to support herself in old age. You also seem to kind of agree with your mom on her issues with your girlfriend. She can't help what family she was born in to and if she dropped out of college 10 years ago to raise her child that certainly isn't anything that she should be judged for. I got married and dropped out of college to raise mine which was a decision made for the benifit of my child because I wanted to be home with him. My husband has been in school since so he can be an oral surgeon and support our family. If for some reason he wasn't around in a few years and I was dating again I would hate to be judged for my past. I am interested about her personality, character, values, ect as to why she may not be suited for you. Those things have not been mentioned.

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