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he sounds like he has BPD, borderline personality disorder......
[QUOTE=rosequartz;3335976]he sounds like he has BPD, borderline personality disorder......[/QUOTE]

That's actually what I was thinking too.
[QUOTE=rosequartz;3335976]he sounds like he has BPD, borderline personality disorder......[/QUOTE]

The was the first thing that crossed my mind when I read this post.

Her husband definitely exhibits Borderline Personality Disorder High Functioning type/ with Anti-social Personality Disorder.
Hi everyone,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back. having internet problems at work again.

The weekend was surprisingly well. I came home to find a email card that was sent to me by him. Surprising since he does not really do this. Then we decided we would not really do anything that night because our daughter was babysitting up the road and we wanted to be home for the boys and in case she needed help. so we picked a movie on cable and we watched. Sat he took me out for seafood.

We actually did very well, until last night. We went shopping for presents and he is the type that takes his time but rushes everyone else so we usually forget something. He was complaining just a little about how he wanted to get xmas shopping done. Next thing I know going into the next store, he tells me he is not as stupid as I think. I asked him what he was talking about and he said he seen me checking out some guy in the store. And just because that guy was fit does not mean anything, he could be also if he was not unhappy. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. The only guy I recall is the older man at the door that gave me a return sticker. he said he knows it is normal too but was being disrespectful to him since all he is doing is trying hard with me.

On a serious note, I have no idea what he is talking about. I make it a point to not look at anyone when we are out because of his insecurities with this. All night, well before bed, I kept telling him he was wrong and this was crazy. i have no desire to look at anyone else. He thinks it is funny that I somehow forget I do this, or just lie to him about it. It stresses me so much. Other than a few words said, we went to bed.

This morning we really did not talk much. I tried to talk to him a little but it was not going anywhere. When my son called him this morning to say hi (he does every morning before school) I asked him if he had a minute. He said not really and this was classical that I wanted to talk over the phone and not in person. He said it is not about what I do but what I do after it to clear it up. I thought talking was trying to fix it but apparently they are just excuses and me thinking about myself.

On the other hand, I am just trying to get through the holidays and trying to figure this all out. I have searched the shelters in the area. Maybe I am crazy but I just want to do it on my own. A shelter is only going to protect me so long. I really think after he gets over the beginning of it he will just look for someone else why he is tormenting me. Once he finds them, he will move on. That is how he is, until they dump his a** and then it will be my problem again. Just too many issues with the kids and all and health to be doing that. Me leaving before xmas will be a cause for a big fight because that means I ruined our family for xmas.

I have been reading about this BPD thing and I really do think he has it. Never heard of it before but man it sounds so much like him, and even to the point where they bring up the past when something happens. he always says I never do enough for him or show my love.

Anyway, we are all ok and hanging in there. thanks for looking out for me.
Be very careful, he's trying be bait you back in.

Also the phone lie detector test is a scam.

I had a friend like you who even tried for an online detective. It was all a scam.

You need to get out.

Did you talk to an attorney? A women's protection hotline?

Its never going to end. BPD is basically a lifelong condition.

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