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Hi everyone, my name is Mike and I began dating this girl at my college about 2 weeks ago. She tells me at the beginning that she is bipolar and is on medication for it. I didn't give it much thought then, but over the past 2-3 days she has become increasingly distant so I'm now hoping to learn more about the disorder. We normally get along great, and I know she really likes me but one day her mood changed seemingly overnight. I suddenly felt as if she didn't care I was around, and that I was maybe intruding. I called her only a couple times, wanting to give her space but still let her know i wanted to see her. She wouldn't return them until tonight. I hung out with her for a little, but she wasn't very affectionate when i was with her, as she normally is. Can anyone give me some advice, such as what to expect from a girl with bipolar disorder, what to not worry too much about, or something like that. Thanks.
Mike, I have bipolar II rapid cycling. I guess the best thing I can recommend is to read what you can about the illness. I can tell you that when my moods change, I sometimes go through a period of what I call isolation. I don't answer texts, don't pick up my phone, dont' want to talk to anyone, see anyone, etc. I just need to be alone.

Don't worry that you've done anything, just give her her space hun. Also, I hate to say this, but don't assume every mood is because of bipolar.

Nothing gets on my nerves more than when i am angry/irritable with my husband cause he's being a jerk and his instant response is "you need to have your meds adjusted" Moods are normal. The thing with bp is sometimes our moods change without reason, but not always. So give her some space, when she comes out of her phase talk to her and ask her to just be honest with you about what she needs from you. Sometimes she'll need reassurance, sometimes patience, sometimes just distance. Try not to take it personal.

Hope this helped a little.


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