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I think you should stick to your guns for the time being with your job. I mean, your (ex?)boyfriend isn't paying rent even though he is on the lease. You have bills to pay. It's not like you can just sit around and do nothing. Besides, the mistake was YOUR mistake, not Bob's. Bob has NOTHING to do with this IMO. All that and your (ex?)boyfriend is still flip flopping on whether or not he wants to work things out.

The damage is done. You can't undo it and feeling all this guilt and trying to do everything HE wants to make it better isn't going to ease this for you. You have done A LOT for him with all of your moving and everything else. You need to do things for YOU now. There are no guarentees that you will even get back together. At this point you are single and you need to make your decisions based on what is best for you, not some "what if" scenario.

You need to go to work. But like I said in my previous post, you just need to tell Bob how it is going to be. Knowing all that has happened I'm sure he can understand. If not, that is when you start looking for another job. You just don't quit with no backup. Unfortunately you need money in the real world. If your (ex?)boyfriend wasn't so emotional right now he would tell you the same thing.

Remember, everything happens for a reason. Give him the space he needs and focus on you. Live your life as if you will never get back together that way if things don't work out you will be okay, and if they do it's just an added bonus. :angel:

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