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I was at one of his concerts tonight, it was at an old theatre so it actually had dressing rooms. I went back to his because I was not feeling to well, I knew he would have a Tylenol. I just decided to wait there, until he came back. So these girls just come in and plop themselves down, waiting for him. I ask "can you please leave" and they looked at me like I was stupid? I said to them "hey I am _____'s girlfriend now get out!" But they were just so sure that he would except them. We started having a shouting match! ______ walks in and tells the two girls to leave. He told me that they were on the list to be let in backstage (small theatre not so hard to get in) and he had forgotten to take them off. I said okay and asked what he had done with these girls and I should not have asked. He says that he is done, no more girls just me from now on. I guess my questions is can someone with absolutely no past work with someone who has a past littered with so many women?

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