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[QUOTE=dma11663;3350009]Hi Eric,,

The other posters may not agree with me but....and please don't shoot me down. She may have very well been confused....and really needed time and now realizes it was a mistake or maybe she really is or was confused and felt as though the walls were closing in. In relationships...somtimes a break is needed. I am not sure what her deal is...she also might be playing head games as know her best. Go with your gut you know best.

How long had the bad times been going on eric? Sometimes people don't know wht they want, honestly.......

What exactly did she say to you when she wanted it done? What were the excuses? I don't remember....pls. fill me in briefly.

Good luck. I am not sure what your feelings are for her....I was always told to follow my heart.............what do you feel Eric? Is it over? Done? If so, then don't respond.[/QUOTE]

hey thanks, i know sometimes people realize it late, um, she never gave me a reason to why, she wanted to end it other than saying ''i just dont think it will work out'' thats pretty much it.. I would say its gone down hill for about a year, as you remember she was living here in massachusetts teaching, and ended up going home in december, Then i fly to pittsburgh in March, and we started dating again, so i moved down there in may, and we broke up in Aug, i guess we really didnt think about things, an rushed into the relationship, but how can she have an on and off switch of loving me, then the next minute not loving me, thats what scares me, yes she might want me back today but in 3 months, she going to not love me, you know you cant have an off and on switch with love, you either love them or you dont.. I dont plan on emailing her till the new year, Im just guna ask her what she wants out of me, a friendship, try and work on a relationship, work on communication, do you want contact or cut it off, just so i know, i plan on letting her know that im thinking about cutting it off 100% . i know it might sound mean, but i think its in the best interest, um, she is a great girl means well, and saddened its come to this, but thats life, i still respect her and care for her, and wish her well, you know............. thanks for the help!

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