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Has anyone here been in a relationship with an ex who refuses to move on? I have been seperated from my husband for several months. He was really verbally and emotionally abusive as well as neglectful. He lied all the time, cheated, had alcohol problems,blamed me for everything that went worng in his life, was very jealous and controlling, etc. The earlier part of this year or late last year we almost got a final diagnosis for him (bipolar and/or borderline personality disorder) but he refused treatment. I left him and moved to another state and have cut all contacts off with him. For a few months I even turned the phone off so he couldn't contact me and I deleted all his voice messages. He has showed up at my place a few times with the last time being 2 weeks or so ago. He claimed he wanted to see our kid but I wouldn't open the door because I knew it would be difficult to get him to leave. After he left he called and begged and pleaded with me to take him back and I refused and told him not to show up at my place again. The next day he called and called continuously and wanted me to try to help him get relocated to the state where I'm at he says so he can be close to our kid. I told him we could make other arrangements for that but I didn't want to live near him. After I refused he yelled, screamed. cried, and started threatening me. Now when he calls I don't answer his calls at all anymore. The thing is he keeps calling my family members trying to find out information about me.. They have said that half the time he calls he only talks about me and doesn't even mention our kid. When he talks about me he mentions in one breath that he wants to make things work, then in another he states that he hates me and they say sometimes his mood swings are really drastic and they have never seen him like that before. They said they are starting to wonder if he really is suffering from a mental illness because they've never seen him behave this way before. My family has started answering his calls less frequently but have said he calls more frequently. Has anyone had their ex behave this way??? If so why would he behave this way and is there a way to make him stop?? Is this part of one of his mental conditions or does this sound like he is being controlling? I did forget to mention that in addition to his mood swings that my family notices, they have also said that because he calls so much they realize he has been lying to them. Not to mention that the day that I talked to him, he was lying to me telling me things my family said that I know they didn't. For ex. he said they told him that I was moving to FL....why would they tell him that if I've nevr mentioned it to them? Its just very strange and I wish he would just move on.

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