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[QUOTE=gmp377;3354669][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="2"]As another side note, my boyfriend has a somewhat mild case of cerebral palsy. Do you think his mother is being more protective because of this than she normally would be or do you think it is totally unrelated to her action toward me?[/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE]

Well it is definately possible that his cerebral palsy is playing a factor in this. I know a lot of mothers of sons have a hard time accepting another woman in their child's life and I'm sure his condition makes it even harder for her since she probably thinks that nobody will take as good of care of him as she does. She has most likely spent his entire life being over protective of him and that switch isn't going to turn off that easily. Again, it's not fair for her to treat you that way and I'm certainly not excusing her behavior. But I can see from a mother's perspective trying to protect her child. Unfortunately she really is doing quite the opposite here. I imagine your boyfriend must be pretty fed up with her attitude towards you.

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