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[SIZE="2"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I have been with my boyfriend for a little under a year and he and I get along great, except for one thing: his mother has never liked me, for no apparent reason. It has done nothing but gotten progressively worse as time passes. It's like the more serious she thinks we are getting, the more she hates me and tries to make my life and relationship with her son difficult. She barely spoke to me the first time I ever went to my boyfriend's parent's house to meet them. His dad and his sister both seem fine with me. They seem to really like me. Everytime my boyfriend and I get into an argument, she senses that he is upset and then proceeds to take our argument personally, like it had happened directly to her, then she holds a grudge against me.

My boyfriend is currently in between jobs and is living at home again for a brief stint. I have been to their house three times in the whole time he and I have been dating and she was never friendly and really didn't speak to me at all, but it wasn't overly uncomfortable. Now, when my boyfriend wants me to come there and spend time with him and his family, she says that their house isn't really "made for entertaining" and that there isn't enough room for she and I to have our space, whatever that means. She has also said that she won't have me there spending time with he and his family over Christmas. I can't even spend the holidays with my boyfriend's side of the family.

The fact that she seemingly dislikes me for no reason is really getting to me. My boyfriend takes my side and has stuck up for me on many occasions. He has told his mother that he doesn't appreciate the way that she treats me, but she says that she is just really upset with me and needs some time to get over it before things can "return to normal," but they've never been good. She has always treated me like the red-headed stepchild, so to speak. I love my boyfriend and I love our relationship. I just don't love his mother and never will. I absolutely don't believe in hating people, but right now I'm having such a difficult time not feeling that way about her. I mean, I can't even talk to her about it. She and I just don't talk. It's been that way for almost a year now.

If anyone has been through this or has some good advice, I could really use some right now. This is driving me up the wall. The stress from this is about to make me implode and I don't want my boyfriend's ridiculous mother causing problems between he and I. Please help![/FONT][/SIZE]

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