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I have been married before and my wife died. She had 3 kids when we got together and they were 2,3,&4 years old. I never had a problem with my wife's kids. I have been told that i'm the consumate step-parent. I even take in kids from the neighborhood, not to raise but to help with advise and teaching them things about life. As a stepdad I can't imagine the kind of man that would marry a woman with kids and not feel married to the kids too. This man (and i use the term loosely) should be ashamed of himself. He should never married you or even dated you when he found out you had kids. There are worse things than being a single parent. I don't believe for a minute that he cares about you or your kids if he treats them bad enough to make them want to leave. I had 2 stepdads when i was young and i know the difference between a good 1 and a bad 1. The last stepdad i had threw me out at age 16. Don't make the mistake my mother did. You should get clear of this man asap IMHO. There may be a very good reason he was single for so long and i think you're finding out why. I would never counsel anybody to divorce but if the marriage is a mistake in the first place i don't see another choice. As a stepfather for over 16 years, i think you have a responcibility to your kids first and your own self next and any man in your life last. He should understand if he is a REAL man. Shane:angel:

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