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[QUOTE=irisheyes39;3356763]I guess I feel like I am the only one in the world with such a messed up life and wonder what is normal as far as human contact for others. Could you describe your daily life to me? Do you all have bunches of friends that call you everyday? Do you see your family everyday or do they call you? What is your life like? Do you ever go through a day without really talking to anyone about anything that matters? I guess I am asking this to try an figure out if I really should feel like I am lonely or if I am just "feeling" down and lonely and it really just normal life. . Make any sense?[/QUOTE]

I'm replying before reading the other posts, so I apologize for any repetition.

I think the definition of normal is different for everyone. We define it by our own personal experiences, what we've learned throughout life and compare it to what we see in movies/tv, read in books and see in other people's lives. For me, growing up without my Dad around was normal. But to my best friend, she always felt awkward talking to me about her own father who she was very close with. My parents were divorced when I was about 6. To me, the Dad not being around was normal.

You are very certainly not the only one with a "messed up" life. We've all had a messed up life in one sense or another, in one extreme or another. To an outisder it would have seemed like I had a good teenage life; roof over my head, food on the table, a core group of friends, I was a cheerleader in school. But to me I was "messed up." I basically hated who I was from 12-17 yrs old. I often thought of suicide, came close once, I was jealous of my sisters, i was paranoid, didn't trust anyone, i seeked attention from "bad guys" and just got myself involved in bad situations. I thought for the longest time that I was the only teenager who had ever contemplated suicide. I find out years later that almost everyone I know thought about it at least once.

In a photograph I have a normal family, but if you look into each individual life you'll see many things that can be classified as "messed up:" alcoholics, suicide attempts, institutionalized, pregnant then married, cancer, heart disease, drug problems, cheaters and the list goes on.

Experiencing bad times is normal for everyone, it's life.. you can't avoid it. Some people dwell, some people use it as motivation to better their lives. But I don't think you'd ever meet anyone who didn't at one point or another think their life was messed up in some way/at some point.

To get to the part of your post that I quoted:
My daily life; I work mon-fri 9am-5pm at a job I hate. I refer to it as "soul-sucking" b/c I literally feel as if the life has been sucked out of me while I'm here! I go home to an apartment that I recently moved into, so have yet to really meet anyone. I do my odds and ends around the apartment while my boyfriend works from 4pm-midnight. I watch tv or movies, paint or draw. He comes and I'm thrilled to see him, we talk for a bit until I go to bed and get up again the next day to repeat it all! Quite boring actually...
Weekends are filled with errands and/or relaxing and fun things; movies with friends, date night with the boyfriend...

I don't talk to friends daily. Once in a while my one best friend in the whole world, my "non-blood" sister, we'll call one or the other and have an hour+ conversation. Otherwise my friends and I call or text with important info. I talk to my family more through e-mails then phone calls, maybe once a week if that.

I would say that I go through days without talking about things that are important. Sometimes it's b/c I dont want to talk about it and other times it's becauses no-one is there when I want to talk. I write in a journal which helps, b/c most of the time all i need is to get it out of my brain anyway. I have a small group of very close friends that I don't see much b/c they all live back in my home town. We keep in touch with social websites, e-mails and text messages now-a-days.

Even though most of my day its just me with myself, I don't feel lonely. Eventhough I don't talk to my friends or family daily, I know they're always there. I have people in my life that I know love me, even if it's not said everyday. Yes, I have days where I'm feeling needy and lonely.. but for me they're just moods.

I think "adnormal" is the new "normal!"

Sorry this is so long, I hope it helped in some way or another!!

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