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Thanks Amy. You see....I am relentless sometimes and I (as many women) wnat to fix things when men don't want to talk about things until they are ready. I saw him back in November and he said although we aren't back together...maybe we can go very slow and meet once in a while for a drink etc. I said that was fine. Now here it is almost the end of Dec. and I met him only 1X. On Sunday I told him that I was disappointed that he never follows through on what he says. I told him I wasn't sure if it was that he was just lazy or that his brain did not reach that far. I also told him that I could remove myself totally from his life, etc. and perhaps that is best. We broke up because all we did was lock horns and fight. I did not date anyone in over 2 years. then I met up with this neighbor of mine who I became friends with. I started to see him for 2 mos. and he was sooo easy to get along with. I really like him a lot. Unfortunately, things didn't work out and my heart for some reason is with him right now. I started to talk to my ex...and I saw that inside he is this great person. He told me back in Nov. that he loved me and that he didn't always do the right thing, etc. and said all the things to me he should have said over a year or so ago. Now he isn't following through and I told him. Last night I told him again, and I probably upset him to the point where he exploded. I apologized...because I don't want to make anyone get to that point. However..., I seem to do that. He works hard....and now I am sorry that I opened my mouth and pushed the issue but I just can't help it.

You're right....he should have called me back but he said he didn't want to talk about anything more last night. I hung up and then felt bad, as I always do. It is make up, can't help it. I should worry about how I feel and how others make me feel.

He has a nasty mouth...foul and doesn't ever think before he opens it.

I feel bad......but what can I do. I lose sleep over the neighbor. I lose sleep over the ex, etc. I think being alone may be best for drama.

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