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Jumping in late on this one so sorry for any repetition..

I think that leaving him for this would be a big over-reaction. I'd be more upset that my boyfriend didn't tell me what his plans were and that he turned his phone off than I would be about where he was. I don't really like strip clubs, and wouldn't be thrilled if my boyfriend was a frequent customer at one... but once in a while, out with the boys.. I'd suck up my dislike and my insecurities and let him have a good time... as long, of course, as he didn't do anything inappropriate.

But having a few drinks with the guys and watching some girls dance around is just for fun (even if its not your idea of fun) its just for entertainment. The $300.00 charge would upset me too.. that's alot of money.

In the past he's probably said those things about strippers to pacify you. What guy doesn't want to see boobs and half naked women!?!? Even respectful guys enjoy a good show once in a while!

I'd talk to him about next time just telling you know that he's going out after work and that he needs to control his spending when he goes out with the guys. The girls hanging on him were just trying to work him for his money, he was drunk, an easy target. Just because he had his arm around them doesn't have to mean anything more than that. And even though it's not right, I'm sure he didn't tell you what he was doing b/c he knew you'd freak out and disapprove. So tell him that even though you don't like Stripclubs, you'd rather know where he was then for him to ignore or avoid telling you.

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