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Ok, there is this man I've been interested on for a long time. We've kissed a few times, we hug, and are very friendly torwards each other. Sometimes seeing him is the best part of my day... we talk, laugh, and his kisses are amazing!
But there are other time that he is just the opposite, especially in front of other people. Sometimes when there are people around he doesn't even talk to me.
I just came out of a long relationship (with 2 kids) and he says he feels guilty about my break up (even though it's been over way before we first kissed). He is also divorced and his divorce was really hard on him. I think he has a hard time accepting mine.
Anyway, I am getting tired of the moodiness. I love this man, but when he starts with the "guilt" talk i get really hurt.
Also, there is this other woman around who I know for a fact has a thing for him but I don't really know how he feels about her. He is very friendly torwards women in general, which doesn't bother me, but it is hard to tell if he likes this particular girl or not. I am starting to wonder if the reason why he pulls back from me is because of my situation or this other woman. I can't ask because he despises jealousy.. that would just push him away further.
Either way, what do you guys think is the best way of dealing with it. Should I stay away for a while (not call, not go see him, not message) or should I keep in touch (i help him with his business, so i always have a "reason" to call). I mean, what works for guys? Missing someone or seeing them everyday?
I haven't done the dating thing in a while, so I am a little rusty on the rules. Please help!!!
ok to be honest with you,
since yo guys have already crossed that friend only barrier, the fact that he hasnt committed to you in some sense shows that he is not interested in you in that sense, you dont just go around kissing girls and then ignoring them if you are interested in them in that way, i also think that your divorce may be clouding your judgment a little and you should never settle, you got out of a bad relationship already, dont go getting into another one, especially with this guy since its obvious he is just playing with your head and has no true intentions

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