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[QUOTE=Kszan;3361308]Hello, that's exactly what I was trying to say! Eric, you need to do what you need to do. But I have a ton of experience with this type of situation, and the only course of action is zero contact. It's the only way. I understand you're not a mean guy and you want to be nice and so on, that's great, that speaks a lot about who you are and it means you're thoughtful. But NOW it's time for you to be thoughtful to your new gf, who would actually probably be really hurt if she knew you were contacting your ex again, I'm sure.

Stop looking back at your past and concentrate on the present and the future that is ahead of you. The new girl is your present and possibly your future, who knows? But you'll never know if you keep going back to the past.[/QUOTE]

lol she isnt my new girlfriend, and heck im not rushing into anything along those lines just yet, im taking it slow, and thats just how its going to be, i do talk about her at times, it doesnt bother her, she knows the situation, its not that i talk about her, its i can relate soo much back to Natasha, and be like oh ya thats kinda like how my ex was **** like that, not saying oh i miss her and love her, and in fact i dont contact Natasha, no emails, im's Phone calls none of that, and i wouldnt be surprised if she does email me or calls me to wish me a merry Christmas!
[QUOTE=dma11663;3373492]well eric then you have moved on...with a not so nice attitude I might add. Good luck. I see that once the tables turned you got your satisfaction...and now she is nothing, nada, nothing. Maybe she has problems and hurt you and played a head game...but she is a human being. Your attitude isn't so nice......Hahaha. sorry...but I have to tell you how I feel.

I do wish you luck with your new GF. I hope it works out. If it doesn't, I suggest you keep moving forward and not back to Natasha...especially if you don't care about her that way.

Good luck eric.[/QUOTE]

yes, i moved on, my attitude hasnt really changed, other than the fact, i dont think a friendship would be good nor a relationship if it was meant to happen, as times goes on i realize how much she screwed me, but thats life, i dont hate her, i dont like her, but i feel like i owe her a reasoning to why it wouldnt be good to be friends, instead of ignoring her, thats all, and i would list reasons in a nice way, i dont have a girlfriend, and im not ready for a girlfriend, thats all i have gone on a few dates with this one girl, and thats about it, heck im not ready to date anyone! i will always care for Natasha, but im not going to show it like i have in the past!

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