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I wouldn't be happy for a pregnant friend whose boyfriend doesn't care and has no job. Is she happy about this or crying that she is upset?

At least you know now that you will need help getting pregnant and won't waste years trying unsuccessfully.

Oh isn't fair.

On envy:
My HS teacher once told a story that when she was a girl in Europe during WWII, she admired a girl because she wore a smart blue outfit to school with a nice bow. One day she saw that girl crying and asked her why. She said the ****'s took away her parents last night. Then and there my teacher decided material things were not important.

Some people have the job, the baby, the busband, health, healthy parents, the pretty dress with a bow but there is always something missing that eats at their heart whether others see it or not.

I wish you have a wonderful wedding and marriage and you'll get your baby too.

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