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Sorry its so long

Well I decided to give him a chance and up until last night things had been going great, we have been together for 3 weeks and have spent pretty much every day and night together. Well last night we went to the pub for my friends going away dinner and everything was going good, but by about 10:30 I was starting to feel sick and just wanted to go home to bed so I asked my boyfriend if we could go and he said yeah that’s fine if you want to go then we will, so I said good bye to my friends and then went to my boyfriend and said ok lets go and he was like oh your friend has just gone to buy my a beer (he had brought her a drink earlier in the night so she was just buying him one back) so I said ok that’s fine I am going home so I will meet you back at home (I wasn’t angry or anything it really was ok as I live very close walking distance to the pub) so he said he would quickly drink his beer and come home as quick as he could so everything was fine and I left. I got home had a smoke and went to my room to put my pj’s on and as I started getting change he arrived back, I was thinking how good it was that he had kept his word and been quick. But as soon as I saw him I realized he was very drunk that was ok but then he told me how he was talking to my friend that lives next door to me, she seems to really like him (as in very attracted to him) and he knows this, he went on to say she put her arm around him and he puts his around her and she asked him for his number and he gave it to her and got her number off him and she said she would call him. I was so upset as she is in a long distance relationship and she cheats on her boyfriend which my boyfriend knows this and he has told me how he has cheated on previous girlfriends. So now I am really worried he is going to cheat on me with her. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t live next door, when I go to work my boyfriend is in my home alone so it would be easy for him to cheat on me with her in my house. I am so worried. He deleted her number but she still has his and he easily could have saved her number under a different name, would should I do? He says he would never cheat and that the got each others numbers because she said she might come over and have a couple of drinks, but I said to him if she wants to come over she has my number she could call me theres no reason for her to have your number. He is now saying that he feels really bad and that it feels like he has cheated on me, I just don’t know if I can believe him. When this happened he had been drinking all day and is on painkillers which makes the effects of alcohol stronger and he shouldn’t have been drinking, but my so called friend had just come from work and she was completely sober so she knew what she was doing. What should I do??
I also must add that if he didnt be totally honest with me and tell me about it then I never would have found out. I have rang my friends today to ask them if any of them saw them together and a friend said yeah she saw them talking but that he left pretty much just after me, because I was worried they may have kissed but my other friends are pretty sure they didnt

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