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What has he admitted to using? No offense, but are you using the word 'fix' because you don't know any better? If he's a harcore user, I doubt he be hanging out with you, unless you've 'partied' with him. What I'm saying is that if you're a nice 'good' girl, I'd bet he's just a recreational user and he likes you enough to be able to tell you about it and is willing to give it up for you. I'd go easy on him and see how it goes. I'd bet the shakes are just nervousness from being with you.

Quite frankly, most guys do things that most girls would never do. Most, if not all of my friends are suprised they made it through their 20's. On a same note, I got a kick out of a recent thread at where a lady caught her husband at a strip club and freaked out. It was like, good grief girl, 99.99% of guys go to on occasion or have been to a strip club in the past, yes the married one's too, and the married ones lie about it.

Bottom line, guys do things that can easily horrify women, we are guys. ;)

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