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ok this might be long so bare with me! --

(some backround first) .. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. we've had a lot of ups and downs but in the end, we always worked it out. I'm a virgo and he's a saggitarius.. both completely opposite, but connect emotionally. he doesnt have many good friends, he drinks occasionally, but has a good job and a car.. and has a good family backround (respects his mother, etc)... he also doesnt have much experience in relationships.. i think I'm his first long term commitment... i'm 23, he's 22.

I on the other hand have several good friends, i dont drink a lot, and like to go out and have fun with my friends, and enjoy life.

we've been on 3 vacations together and they were all horrible! we either argued most of the trip, or he got really mad or jealous at me b/c i pay more attention to other people, etc. I am social, and like to talk to people, and he isn't. he has that 'toughguy' italian attitude and temper problem! he doesnt laugh or joke around... the type of personality i LOVE would be like doug from king of queens (tv show) .. funny and always puts a smile on your face. and my boyfriend has the type of personality as tony soprano... a tough guy with an attitude... and i love to laugh and have fun... something thats lacking in our relationship.

so that starts alot of our arguements. we are constantly fighting over stupid little things... it drives me crazy! .. for example, he got mad at me b/c i told him he was doing the xmas lights wrong on the xmas tree.. so he dropped them on the floor and told me to do it... now isnt that stupid!! .. its things like that , that make me want to wipe my hands clean of everything..

at times i feel really really unhappy, but then i realize that i love this guy and maybe it can work out. but now, we are currently on a 'break' b/c he got really drunk on new years and didnt even call or text me to talk.. and that pissed me off, and to show him i wasn't putting up with his b.s., i told him i needed space for a month, i need some time to breathe without all the fighting...

he apoligizes, sends roses, and says he misses me all the time. he's a romantic.. also very emotional which is something i'm not use to. im not use to a guy going out of his way for me and buying me things, and treating me like a princess... but it's his attitude and sense of humor that needs work!

so I'm confused... i dont know if i should give this one more go and see if he stops drinking, and changes the way he is.. or give up and move on with life. he's not the type that will let go of me that easy. he will do wat he can to see me, or talk to me. it makes it really hard on me.

so, do you think this is worth it? should i stay or should i go?

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