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How about this
Jan 8, 2008
I have a question, I went on a blinde date with some girl through friends, well as you all know we met at texas roadhouse had a blast 5 hours of fun, and laughs, we had a great connection, kissed at the end of the night, we talked all the time online and on the phone, we both agree there was such a great connection and a strong feeling for each other, nothin like love or what ever, the next week, which was about 3 weeks ago, we went to toysrus to get my cousin a christmas present ate at fridays, and went to best buy, we were holding hands and stuff, at the end we kissed again, well she lives 1 hour away, and its tough to see her she doesnt have the kids on weds and sat, well now she works as a waitress on those nights, well 2 saturdays my family was having a christmas party, so didnt make any plans, but we did make plans for new years if she could get a babysitter, well i didnt hear from her in a week, left messages im's for a whole week!, she did say she was busy and she would explain later in a text on new years eve, New years she sent me a text saying happy new years, well i finally texted her back yesterday and she texted me back, saying its been crazy, she doesnt have internet or cable or anything, thats the reason why she hasnt contacted me, but she did say she misses me, well anyway she is seperated with 2 kids, she works as a waitress on weds and Sat, her EX pays the bills soo its tough on her, I would never expect her to put me first, ever, but like i said we are just friends and a little feelings i dont fall for people that quick, and she says the same but, dont you think she would have called or let me know what was going on if she cared? she is a good kid, im not looking to date anyone or anything, but i felt it weird she didnt bother me for a week till i contacted her? But see all the baggage? thats alot, and its a turn off, Any Advice? lol

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