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Well me and my boyfriend recently broke up because he thinks he might be gay, and long story short, hes decided to leave and try dating other guys to see what its like and i've decided to wait and see if there might still be a chance of us getting back together. He is confused right now and he is only 16, so i suspect (and seriously hope) he is only curious and just needs some time to figure out his feelings.

But later i found out from him that it wasnt only because of the possibility of him being gay that we broke up, he also said part of it was because of me, and the way i acted towards him. I know i havent been that great of a girlfriend, i've been a little over controlling of him and i havent exactly been nice to him. He is an extremely happy person, and for the past few months i've been extremely depressed. The depression mainly came from worrying about losing him because i always knew that there was the possiblity of him losing interest in me, he had told me his suspicions of him being gay a few months back as well. He also never enjoyed the fact that i was so much less outgoing then him, and we argued alot, most of the fights were started by me and now i regret all of it sooo much. He told me later that if i had been kinder towards him and less depressing all the time that we would have probably been together alot longer despite his curiousity for other guys.

So anyways, i would like some suggestions on how to handle this painful situation. I would do ANYTHING to get him back if he turns out to be straight or just bi in the end, and i'm willing to wait but should I? Should i try to change the way i act and try to become more optimistic and happy? I know its a long shot but i want him to fall in love with me again. I'm pretty sure it was because of my attitude that he left so soon and i am willing to change anything about me in order to convince him i am willing to fix the way i act towards other people including him.

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