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you are a very rude guy. one that will most likely end up lonely.
i am a 22 year old independent women. my boyfriend is 32. we just went on vacation. i payed for my own plane ticket, half the accommodation and the food and things we did, we split it in half with me sometimes purchasing wine for dinner and him purchasing other stuff. we dont split everything 50/50 to the last cent because thats silly but we both put in a fair share. we do things for each other because we want to, not because we have to. i go to university while my boyfriend works full time.i work part time and during my holidays i work full time instead of partying and spending it on expensive things. i never ask for money, never use his credit card. in fact i have my own money in a term deposit for a year earning 7.50% interest. i dont own a car simply because when i finish my degree, we hope to buy a house together so im saving up for it. i'd never make him pay for the house or anything. he wants to buy one next year but ill still be in my last year of uni so ill put towards the deposit but i may not move in straight away because i wont be able to afford the mortgage plus bills till i work full time. i'd never do anything that i cant afford, nor would i make my boyfriend pay 100%.

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