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Your boyfriend has always seemed to have his priorities a little different than other's. I mean, most people would help a sibling that hit a hard time. However, most people wouldn't be that same siblings sole supporter for 12 months. Shame on his brother for taking advantage of your boyfriend's kindness towards him. It's also a shame your boyfriend hasn't given him the swift kick in the pants he deserves!

So, if you didn't tell your boyfriend to move back to his apartment would he still be living with you while not paying a dime towards the household? Was he paying an equal share before unemployed brother came into the picture?

Honestly, your boyfriend seems like one who tries to get away with what he can and doesn't do much to fix situations. For example, when you didn't give him a ride to and from work. He had no problem relying on you shuttling him back and forth but there was no common curtousy extended back to you about what time he would be ready or changes in the last minute. He can't seem to see past himself and his needs. It's like your living situation as well. He saw no problem with his brother free loading off of him because he got all he needed from you. Has his view on his brother's situation changed now that they have been living together for the past two months?

I don't know, I feel like I'm being harsh and I'm not trying to be. It just seems like he doesn't strive for anything better. He deals with what he has and that's it. That's fine for some people, but I don't get the impression that you are one of those people who just settles for what she is given. Then again, I could be reading the whole situation wrong.

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