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[QUOTE=Erichikov;3391447] I feel like her religion is trapping and keeping her from her true self. [/QUOTE]

Hi Erichikov, firstly I am very sorry to hear you both have gone through so much. Personally I am 100% convinced your gf is involved with a powerful and dangerous mind controlling cult. I invited the JW's into my home last year and did some independent research on them while I was studying the bible with them, and my oh my, what a fright I got!

If you want to sort your gf's head out here is the one surefire way to do it: Go out and buy a book called 'Crisis of Conscience' by a man named Raymond Franz and give it to your girlfriend. Explain to her that he was a member of the governing body in Brooklyn for nine years, but left as his conscience would not allow him to stay a moment longer.

The bizzare and wildly uninhibited sexual behaviours she has displayed are, I feel certain, a reaction, like a backlash, against the rigidity of the Witnesses regime. Her getting out of there and away from those mind-warpers would be your best shot at having your girlfriend back. Good luck to you and please keep us informed. I hope to God you get her that book because it is the best thing you could possibly do for you both. Take care.


I just wanted to add: If you do get her that book tell her to tell NOBODY in the Witnesses that she is reading it. They are not allowed to read that book, it is a disfellowshipping offence. The JW's headquarters in Brooklyn make it their business to control the reading material of JW's (along with every other aspect of their lives) Independent thought is not only actively discouraged, it is completely disallowed, simply prohibited, banned. The reason that particular book is disallowed is because so many JW's leave the Witnesses on reading the truth about how the organisation is governed from Brooklyn.

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