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for the past 6 years I have been on at least about three new dates/month. I have a longer-ish relationship once or twice a year, but I still date other people (its in the open with everyone involved). I don't know if its fear, an inability to commit or what, but I'm so scared of being tied down to one guy.

i think something is wrong with that, I mean, many girls my age (I'm just about 25) are getting married/engaged or at least in serious relationships. A new girl started at my work who is 28 and I had to train her and I found out she was married and I was so shocked that somebody that young would want to do that - I was sorry for all the opportunities she'd be missing! Logically, I know that that is ridiculous, and it was more likely my fears projecting onto her.

I love new dates with different guys. Even if I don't like the guy, there is usually a fun story to talk about the next day. The problem is I never like any of these guys, I have never once not been asked on a second date, and more often than not the guy becomes clingy. I do not phase people out though, I am honest that I'm not interested (whereas when I was younger, I was flakey). Anyway, why I think this is a problem is because with so many guys I date, you'd think I'd feel enough of a spark to continue on with at least some of them, but I just feel like I'd be missing out on so much by committing to one person. Most of these guys are not bad in theory, and in fact would be good boyfriends. I never seem to be lonely, I live on my own and my time is filled up. I am terrified of the whole 'homemaker' lifestyle and I guess thats what scares me too about relationships, because lots of times, serious relationships lead to that.

anybody know whats wrong with me?

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