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[QUOTE=greysky;3400710]Thanks for the replies, just been talking it over with my Mum and her friend and we've come to the conclusion that all men are arse-holes!! Why do I bother??:confused:[/QUOTE]

LOL! Well, it certainly is tough sometimes weeding out the good men from the commitmentphobic, dishonest, scared little boys, and it only gets harder as you get older, because the good ones get married and stay married, because they're good and a woman knows when she's got a good one and hangs onto him, and because he's good, he's going to make his marriage a priority and most likely stay in it, so if you don't get a good one right out of college, you probably have to wait till your 60s when the good ones start becoming widowers!! *sigh*

I have a friend who's an events coordinator for her condo/apartment complex and she had a beach party which included a dating game mock. I got to be one of the bachelorettes and I thought we were having fun with me asking the silly questions and them answering them, you know, like the tv game show from the early 70s. I go off and make my decision and come out, and the MC announces the men want to ask me a question. This has never been done on the show, the one in the single hot seat just chooses and she and the one she chose just go on a date, but I thought, well, ok fair is fair I'll answer a couple of questions. I thought I did just fine, and I make my choice and we comes over the partition and gives me a hug and we get our gift certificates and he invites me to come hang out with his pals so I go over for a while and meet them and then I ask if I can give him my number so he can call me to set up the when and where of the free date and he hems and haws and says "uhhhhmmmmm...well what I'd like to do is call you and talk for a little bit and uhh....." and I jokingly said "...see if you want to go through with it??" and he and his friends all laugh so I just write my number down and say 'whatever you like is fine." It got quiet after that and we didn't have much else to say so I said I wanted to go see my brother participate in the second game and excused myself. I just thought sheesh, you know, if you have to think that hard to determine whether you want to simply eat a meal sitting across the table from me and see a movie sitting in a seat that happens to be next to a seat I'm sitting in on a lark and for a bit of fun and afterwards, if we don't like each other we say "gee that was great" part ways and be done with it, then let's just forget the whole thing. The good news is, he didn't want to carry around the gift certificates and asked me if I had a purse I could put them in, which I did, and I took them with me when I left, so at least a person of my choice and I got a free movie and dinner out of the deal, regardless of what he wants to do. LOL He said he'd call me today, but I actually hope he doesn't, but if he does, he'll probably miss me since I'm at work most of the day today and will most likely be gone tonight too, so I just won't return his call. And he probably won't even care. I mean, why would I even want to go out now with someone who made such a big firggin' production out of one silly little date that we both set up just for a bit of fun? It's like "dude, it's dinner and a movie, not applying for a marriage license!!" You know, life's too short. I no longer waste time with things and people that I can't get excited about, or who can't get excited about me, even enough to say "sure, a free dinner and a movie? Sounds like a little adventure, why not?"

There are a lot of scared little boys out there with not just issues but whole subscriptions, and every one I meet makes it a little more of a reality I can't ignore anymore that I will probably just be alone in life. Though I keep trying. As long as you really want something, you've gotta keep trying for it, no matter how pointless it may seem at times. I hear ya, though, it's a tough, self image-denting big ol' pain in the patootie!! Hang in there.

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