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Well, as they say, jealousy comes from seeing someone else have something we think we ourselves are entitled to. You are jealous of your girlfriend because a wedding is a very very joyous, happy event and you feel you should have had your own by now.

25 is still very very young, I think still too young to really know if you are choosing the right life mate for yourself, but that's just my opinion, not really here nor there I guess, so...I suggest you sit down and have a good long talk with yourself and figure out what you really want - do you want this man no matter what, no matter what it costs you, even if he NEVER wants to marry you, or do you want marriage, moving forward, the commitment, the license, the house, etc. whether it's with this guy or someone else better suited?

If it's the first one, let things alone and give it some more time. If it's the second one, then you need to move on with your life, with or without this guy. Almost no one buys cash for a house, that's just stupid. Especialy in the housing market where I live, where a 20 year old tiny little two bedroom condo goes for $100,000. Who has $100,000 in cash? Do you have any idea how long it will take to save that much? It sounds like a pretty lame excuse to me. I'd be willing to bet you $100,000 that when he finds the love of his life, the woman he just has to have no matter what that he will be willing to move mountains for her, he will JUMP off his parents' couch and do whatever he has to do to keep her, marry her and make her happy. Sorry to say, but it sounds like he just hasn't met that woman yet.

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