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I posted an earlier post that I caught my husband at a strip club with guys at work after turning off his phone.

I struggled with the issue. "was it ok, was it not"? I didn't want him there. Most strip clubs in the city where I live offer prostitution. And he had spent 500.00 bucks that night. I was upset, but decided to forgive him, and he promised he wouldn't go there again.

Then a few days ago, he came home late drunk around 8pm. I ignored his behavior and took my son to a kid movie. We got back kind of late and I didn't even talk to my husband.

Then 2 days after that, on Friday when he got paid, I spoke to him at 3PM, and then tried to call him back a few minutes later because he was upset. His phone was off. On a hunch I drove the 2 minute drive to the strip club(we live in a nice neighborhood, so go figure). Anyway, I had hoped he wouldn't be there, but sure enough his truck was there.

I went in and found him at the ATM by the door with a stripper standing behind him. I had hoped to go unnoticed and sit at the bar to see what he was doing. (it's really dark in there). But he saw me and went outside, I followed. He was really drunk. I asked him to go home, but he kept stepping back towards the door. When I got angry he said he was going to hit me and called me names. I pulled his hat off his head and stomped it into the mud. His hair looked awful. So he got in his truck and left, but not before telling the bouncer that I was his crazy ex-wife.

He showed up at home by ramming the back of my car. I fell over in agony in the grass crying saying, "no, not my car". The back of my car was banged up, and he got out and laughing saying he didn't hurt my car. I think he was high on drugs he had purchased from the club. He then started screaming (in our quiet, nice neighborhood, and calling me a names.

Our son and I got into the car and wouldn't get out until the police came ( I had called them).

The police showed up and weren't very nice to me, but told me my son didn't need to be around this and why didn't I leave. He was acting nice to them but they could tell he was really messed up. (he hadn't done this before, I was in shock)

They then said he needed to go to a hotel and sober up. The next morning I looked up our bank accounts and found that he had stayed at the small hotel a few feet from the strip club! It was so close it was almost the same building...and spent another 500.00.

He came back home! I told him to pack his stuff and get out. He kept saying he'd get out and he'd go. He said he knew he had a problem and was never going to drink again, and wants to go to church. He says he did it because he was depressed over his brother. (because he hadn't heard from him in a month and he won't talk to him)

I'm not sure I can forgive all of this. Depression or no depression. What are your opinions on this? I think I'm leaving when I get the money. But not sure. Meanwhile I'm feel so cheated because he wasn't like this for all this time, years and years, and we have a child together. And I'm afraid it will happen again.

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