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this may not make too much sense b/c I just woke up but I hope you can get the gist of it....

If you think something is wrong with you for feeling that way something is wrong with me too. my ex told me once that the minute we were not happy anymore, he's gone (next minute turning around being lovey and mushy). thats not my style. when i start to feel something for someone and fall for the person (believe me, I don't let that happen easily b/c I hate being vulnerable too and its something I am trying to overcome) I think there will be a higher level of commitment than just staying b/c we're happy - like working through problems.
I couldn't get over it. that comment implied unpredictability and lack of real commitment to me, which I believe means he didn't like me enough. Obviously no one can tell the future...but reminding you that no one can predict the future just sounds like a safety net for if he breaks up with you, he can say that you can't be too upset b/c no one knew it was coming. anyway, thats how I interpret it, I'm sorry, I don't really know how to get over it, as I had said my EX said that to me....

oh and being philosophical is great and all, but I find highly irritating, arrogant, and immature when his unpredictable "philosophy" controls behaviours and hurts other people along the way. If his private philosophical thoughts are so dear to him, maybe he and his large brain should be left to their own relationship - there may not be room for the three of you. Don't get me wrong, I really like philosophy and in fact I studied it a bit in university, but the younger the guys were in my classes, the more arrogant they seemed - like they were smarter than everyone else b/c of their superior thinking abilities. well, thats all good, but being philosophical and respecting the one you love cannot be on the same level to me (i wonder if he thinks he is a really evolved person b/c he can be in the moment in love but if necessary, he can leave the relationship as well and move on - to me thats very immature, as if he is hiding behind 'superior' intellect. he sounds scared).

In my case, me and the guy broke up....I needed to find an emotionally mature guy who lived in reality rather than just in his head.

again, apologize if I made you confused

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