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Hi Again :)

She sounds classic bipolar. I blamed my husband for EVERYTHING, I was horrible to him and my little girl. It was all about me ... I was very selfish for a long time. The fear of suicide for a bipolar person is unfortunately real. I tried once and was unsuccessful (thank goodness!). I know the pain I put my husband through .... all he could do was watch me spin out of control. He had to step back and take care of himself and my daughter. I, luckily, came out of this ok and I hope the same for your xGF. Just know that she does not hate you and everything she is doing is completely rational in her mind. She truly feels you are responsible for what she's going through. That's part of the disease ... blaming everyone else for your problems.

Anyway, there are no sure-shot answers in these situations. Is she always angry and abusive? My husband finally broke through to me when I was depressed. He, along with my therapist, convinced me to go into the hospital where I got some REAL help. I surely would not have agreed if I was manic!

I hope you are able to protect yourself and your son. I know how awful you must feel ... how helpless. This disease SUX and we bipolars tend to really hurt the ones we love.


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