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Oscar...the point you bring up is something that most people don't think about when they have an affair! Very often the other man or other woman feels betrayed and causes a nightmare for the person they are having an affair with and their spouse!!!!!! This also happened when my husband had an affair! I got prank phone calls from some woman asking for my husband every day...he just tried to tell me it was someone that hated him at work(he was the boss) probably. She would also send cards to him with lipstick lips on them...also he just said it was someone trying to get back at him probably for getting fired. I didn't know he was having an affair...I bought his stories. Of course it all makes sense years later when I found out that he was in love with someone and gave her up to stay with me. But anyway, my point to anyone having an affair or thinking about it...don't do it! People are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially when they get jilted! Let's just hope for jnipper that the guy isn't nutso and leaves her alone!

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