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I put girlfriend in quotes because we're not really boyfriend, girlfriend. I guess the simplest way to put it is that we're doing the whole "talking" thing. You could say we both like each other but both have way too much going on to commit to a relationship.

This all started yesterday when I decided to tell her about a dream I had. She had mentioned before that she wanted to hear about any dreams I have. So I decided to indulge her last night, apparently it was a big mistake.

In this dream I told her about I was basically trying to this talk to this girl we both know, but she kept teleporting around, so I never actually got to. There were no sexual intentions with this dream, and I don't even like the girl in this dream. Hell, I barely even know her, and have only talked to her a few times.

Without even telling me why, at the end of our conversation she tells me shes really upset and nearly in tears (this all happened over the internet). I was completely clueless last night, and she wouldn't tell me what I did wrong. I then talked to her earlier today and was able to figure out it was the dream I told her about that made her upset. She pretty much said she doesn't want me to defend myself and doesn't want an apology and said "whats done is done". She then goes on to say she doesn't know if she doesn't want to deal with all this right now, and that our "thing" is stressing her out.

Did I do something wrong? I mean she herself said this was an "open" relationship so I don't see why she would be jealous (we're not sleeping around or anything. Its not that kind of open). She even talks to one of my friends on the phone all the time and I don't care. If I honestly thought it was going to upset her I never would have even told her about it. I thought she would just kind of be like "thats weird" since it was about a girl thats teleporting like a superhero. Why would she still be upset even though I told her the dream means nothing and I don't have any "thing" going for this girl. I mean if she we're to tell me about a dream she had in which some guy was involved in it, I don't think I would get upset about it. I may get a little jealous, but I also wouldn't hold it against her since we can't really control what type of dreams we have. I like her, and I don't want things to go sour because of this.

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