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My boyfriend & I started dating when we were 15 & 16. I went to college 250 miles away, but we still stayed together through all that time. We've both had close friends of the opposite sex, but neither of us has ever felt the need to date other people. We already feel like we've found everything we could ever want -- in each other.

I'm 20 and just graduated from a top-notch university (early, to save money). Now, we're back in the same city but both still living with our parents. He wants to buy a house for the two of us in the fall, and he has been saving up for this purpose for years. I'm not against living together before marriage, but we've also begun talking about getting engaged. Technically, I won't be 21 till summer, but I feel so much older than that... I'm a college grad, starting professional school in the fall, etc. And we've been together for almost six years now! I think that a proposal wouldn't be ridiculous at this point -- but do other people agree? Thanks!

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