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[QUOTE=StenoLady1;3422191]I'm sensing he grew tired of the games and drama. A week ago, you said it's a done deal. You told him you wouldn't send photos, you sent a nice letter instead saying goodbye. Then you send him photos of your children? He's a married man; you're a married woman. It makes my stomach hurt just reading your story. I'm sure it's got to be extremely unsettling for him.

I also read what you wrote last week about why you were angry with him. He's a scumbag. He really is. He treats the women in his life like garbage. I hope his wife found your writings and put an end to this. I hope she hit him upside the head, too, because he deserves it. His wife deserves his attention and love, not you. Your husband deserves your attention and love, not your ex. The both of you were playing with fire with all this secrecy from your spouses. And you know it.

So my feedback and perspective is I think you should be glad this it's finally OVER. It was going to end ... again. At least it ended this time a heck of a lot better than the last time, right? Put all of this effort and creativity and emotion that you do with your ex into trying to restore whatever it was you lost with your husband. Or maybe it's time to be honest with the husband and allow him the opportunity to find and be with a woman who will be true to him.[/QUOTE]

Hi Stenolady-I'm sorry this whole thing makes your stomach hurt. If I can explain it a little better, when he asked about the pictures the second time I debated about it but I never told him I wouldn't send them, I just didn't. Then when it cameup in conversation again, I told him I would post some when I got back from a trip. A few days ago I was sending pictures to some family members and wanted to put one that was beautiful on my profile so I created a mini album and told him to take a look. That was it! As for the message I sent saying goodbye, he responded twice to it and asked that I please reconsider because he enjoyed our friendship so that's what I was trying to do. Not play games or create drama of any kind. Just trusting that he was ready for us to have a friendship. That's why this puzzles me. If his wife is the reason, I totally get that and respect it. But if it's because he thinks I am playing games, then I'm insulted and if he's PO'd because he wanted something else, then he's a liar because that's not what he said and I made it clear from day one that I was just catching up with a friend and nothing more. I have been easing my way into telling my husband about all of this. I just want him to understand the whole situation without feeling insecure about it. But we actually began talking yesterday about past relationships and "I wonder what they are up to now" type of talk. I'm making my way to talking to him about this.

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