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Should I worry
Feb 1, 2008
My boyfriend have been dating two years. We have been long distance the past 18 months. He is moving back to where I live and we are talking long term, which makes me happy. However, he was invited to his ex girlfriend's sister's wedding. When he mentioned he said he would just go alone and go to the reception and come back. The wedding is in vermont. He is mass and i am in georgia. I said I thought he should bring me seeing as we have been dating a long and if she is in his life and so am i, it is natural we meet eventually. and i feel it sends a message if he goes without me. alittle background. he dated the girl like 10 years ago, but it was significant. I think she was his first. he also became close to her sister and helped her with a drug problem and get in to a good school. he also stayed somewhat close with their father with business dealings. this is all fine and good with me. i think it is a credit to his character that he is able remain friends with her. however, last weekend, he was visiting and the phone rang. i asked who it was and he stated a one his guy friends names, but i knew he was lying. later he went in the bathroom and i checked his phone and saw it was his ex. he confronted about me about checking his phone because he said he heard me touch the buttons. i relented and admitted it but asked why he had to lie about it. i asked if they are friends, which is fine, why is she such a secret. all his other friends who are girls, he talks about open and freely. so why is he a secret. i don't think he wants to get back together with her, as he is moving back to where i live and has a job here and we are talking long term. but it still makes me uncomfortable. am i overreacting? i understand if they had a special bond and part of him will love her and they have a long standing friendship. but i feel like he should be proud to show he is with me. i mean we have been together for 2 years, i would like to think i have come up in conversation. any thoughts? i have mentioned to him it bothered me, and he stated i could go with him to the wedding, but i still feel like he is going to try to go alone. although i dont know for sure, as the wedding is not until june. but i don't like that he keeps her on the down low. any thoughts?

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