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Hello, pls dont make me disappoint your thread. I consider myself lucky in the internet dating. I dated many guys before mostly people introduced to me by friends, family or coworkers or old schoolmates. It seems that first date gives all the impression of what the next date would be. If the first meeting wasnt a success, you dont wanna go for a second date and that you would miss the opportunity of knowing that person well enough. I was in a relationship for 4 years that didnt work so my friend introduced me to online dating. At first, it was just a fun thing to do until I got hooked. I dated many jerks I met online and I was about to give up. Yes, their personality wasnt what they really said they were but also since I just had a break up, I was in the most vulnerable position and I wasnt able to see the warning flags until it hit me right on my forehead. Meanwhile, this guy that I remember deleting his email 3 months ago without reading it because he doesnt fit the profile of guys I want to meet like 6 ft tall, and at least 3-5 years older than me, emailed me again. He was 3 years younger and since I dont wanna meet someone online anymore, I just thought we could be online buddies. We mainly chatted for 3 months before we decided to meet. Sometimes, I have problems at work and it was so nice to chat to him without feeling awkward.
He sent me pictures of his trips and his families and I felt we were like friends. He already gave me his address, alternate phone numbers and where he work. to make me comfortable.
When we met, it was quite awkward at first but then we were able to overcome it coz the interview process isnt there anymore like you do on first date. It seemed like we knew each other already, his job, is coworkers and his families. I even asked for his drivers license. We started going out for 2 months as friends only, nothing romantic until we both decided we had an attraction for each other and we continued to date for a year until he proposed. Did I say, he was good looking and very gentleman too?
After that he doesnt wanna chat anymore. He would call me instead. I said lets chat online and he said, Im tired of that, lets go out to eat and watch a movie :)
We are now 2 years married and are very much inlove. We are hoping of adding a baby to our family very soon!
That said, I would still caution women of internet dating, coz with internet most people lie of who they really are to get your attention. I called my husband in his work area before I actually met him, I said I wanna talk to the director of private brands, I did not ask for his name and when they transfered me to him, it was him who answered and I hang up:D He invited me to his condo unit for the first time and when I showed up, I have brought with me my coworkers. He would have thought Im crazy that I do not trust him but he was really into me and did not let me go from that day we met. He wanted to be exclusive 2 months after that meeting.

Internet dating is still dangerous so I consider myself lucky!


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