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I think I am starting to fall for my best guy friend Jim. Should I try to see if I can take it to the next level?

So here's the scoop, Jim is my best guy friend and we have been friends for about a year and a half. He is someone that I consider to be one of my best friends in the whole world. We even had made one of those silly pacts to be eachothers back-up plan, if neither one of us gets married by the time we turn 33 then we would marry eachother. silly-yes.. but thats ok.

There have been times where his friends told me that they thought he liked me as more than a friend. There have been other incidences where I got the vibe that he was intersted in more. He has made a comment in the past "yeah, I'm always just the friend".

So Jim and I have never dated, but one time after leaving the bar I went back to his house to hang out and watch a movie (we've hung out many times after the bars closed) but this time was different. Back in December we ended up cuddling, then we started making out.. ended up almost naked then we stopped. Anyway, we continued being friends like always, like we had never messed around or anything. -just acted like it never happened and havent touched eachother since. I dont care that we did that, not saying that when I sobered up I didnt think "what did I do that for?" but its all good, i dont care, he means the world to me.

While we were laying together we talked about our friendship and stuff, and we talked about how things would be and that we shouldnt go any further with eachother. We also talked about how it would be if we saw the other one flirting with others after this, if we would be jealous or cool with it, since we do go out to the bar with each other quite often. Jim said he didnt care if I was interested in other guys and I agreed to the same, and ment it.

I wont go into details to spare a long story, but Jim and I went to the bar one night and this guy I used to date showed up there. I ended up leaving the bar with the guy and not with Jim. Jim strongly dislikes the guy because the guy didnt treat me very well while we were dating. Jim was mad at me and didnt talk to me for 2 weeks because he was mad that I left with that guy. It was just this last weekend that we started talking again, but we havent hung out again yet. If Jim didnt care about me or have feelings for me, why would he get that upset about it? I think I really hurt him when I did that.

During the time that Jim wasnt talking to me, I missed him so much. Jim is one of my best friends and my world just wasnt the same without him in it. Because we always talked, hung out every week, talked about everything and txted a bazillion times a week.

I think I am getting feelings for him that are more than just friends. And this will sound so shallow, but I am not physically attracted to him at all. But I do love his personality and have a lot of fun when I am with him.

I want to hug him and not let go when I finally do see him again, and cuddle and maybe even kiss. Yes, I am having those kind of thoughts about my best friend! Yikes!

I dont know if I should Initiate taking our friendship to the next level the next time I see him or not. Maybe start out with the hug (we do usually hug each other) and see how he reacts if I'm a little more touchy feely than usual. I was thinking about trying to get together with him on Thursday and hanging out.. maybe trying to see if things could go beyond friendship. Also I would talk to him about it and see how he feels.

Because what better than to have a boyfriend that is also your best friend? Being just friends for a year and a half is a long time and we know each other well. I think I love Jim, I already know I love him as a best friend, so I guess that means I can say I love him. I know that he would treat me good. He has looked out for me and hates it when he sees other guys treat me bad. He hasnt ever treated me bad.

Do I dare try doing this? I think I want to, I actually have true feelings for him and I know that he wouldnt use me like the guys I tend to pick out. I never thought I would want to date Jim, I always saw him as just a friend.. but our time apart has really gotten me thinking. And I have been thinking about wanting him a lot.

Should I go for this-or am I being irrational?

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