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[QUOTE=Jpaige;3441381]The problem is that whenever I try to talk to him about things he just clams up tighter than a tic and I end up just frusturated.[/QUOTE]

If he isn't willing to talk about things then how are you ever suppose to get past anything? I don't even mean just this. You have to be able to communicate with your SO if you are ever going to make it.

[QUOTE=Jpaige;3441381]I have even talked to him about leaving and he says that is not what he wants. He loves me very much but he is not responsible for my insecurity. That I knew all about all of this coming into the relationship. I have to admit to some extent he is right. Even after I knew he had cheated on his previous girlfriends, I chose to be with him.[/QUOTE]

Honestly, that sounds like an excuse for him to act however he sees fit and then he can put the blame on you for "knowing his past". So you knew he cheated on his past girlfriends. Never a good sign, but you still deserve to have a boyfriend who is faithful to you. Perhaps he just isn't ready to be in a monogomous relationship? Like I said before, I have no problems with friends of the opposite sex or even being friends with your ex. I do have a problem with how your boyfriend is conducting himself and obviously so do you. What is so appealing about being with a man who dismisses your feelings and won't talk to you about them?

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