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Wow, your situation sounds a lot like the situation I'm in right now. I am also getting divorced (mine isn't final until April), but I reconnected with a male friend that I've known for a few years and things have started to heat up in the past few weeks. We haven't had sex either (but also come close to it); however, we have agreed that we aren't going to until my divorce is finalized.

I am feeling a lot like you are, though. He likes me (and it sounds like your guy likes you too), but he's also a lot busier than me and I am beginning to get worried because there are some days that he won't call or text and I start freaking out. I don't like to bother him either because he's so busy so I don't really call him a lot. I am trying to take things slowly, but I think it's difficult for me right now because I am in a needy place. I don't know the history of your marriage, but mine has been pretty tumultuous and I have been pretty love starved for awhile now. I also am dealing with some feelings of guilt, on top of my new feelings for this guy. I remember before I got married how much I enjoyed that "new" happy feeling when I met someone and really connected, but this time it's totally different. Everytime I start to bask in the glow of this new thing, I get all anxiety ridden and scared. I guess I'm scared because I'm totally insecure and I'm terrified of letting myself go and getting hurt. I am just going back and forth with my emotions.

Anyway, sorry to talk about myself so much, but I do understand where you're coming from. I think that maybe you are overthinking things (I know I am). If you want to call him--call him. If he's busy, he'll let you know. There could be any number of reasons why he hasn't called you. Bottom line--don't worry so much and do what you feel is right. (I only wish I could follow my own advice :-) Good luck and keep me posted!

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