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Hi, all. I'm seeking some information or opinion on a situation and appreciate your time in listening. I have been in a relationship for about 6 months now. My girlfriend takes Yasmin for birth control and also takes Aldactone. She was told that the combination of the two of them would control a cystic acne problem she has had for many years and finally, after many, many years of failed treatments, this combination has worked for her. She's in local television, so it's very important to her to have good skin. Well, the problem is that, she has absolutely zero sex drive. We've had sex once in 3 months and that was only because she knew I was dying and felt obligated. She went to her dermatologist and advised them of the problem and they concluded immediately that it was the Aldactone and suggested she try to stop taking it and see if the cystic acne problem came back. Well, she's stopped taking them for the most part, maybe one a week versus one a day, before and the acne has come back a bit, but it's been manageable. This has been almost a month now and I notice no change in her sex drive. She's been taking the Aldactone for about two years now and I don't know how long it should take for her to pick things back up with respect to her libido. Either way, it's killing me inside that she does not want to have sex and is the single biggest problem of this relationship. Everything else is great, but I'm having a really, really hard time with this.

Has anyone ever encountered a situation like this? Any advice? Any idea how long it may take for her libido to come back? There's no point talking to her about it, she's doing what she can, but that doesn't make nights like tonight any easier.

Thanks for your help.

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