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I unfortunately did not have time to read all the replies, so I may be repeating something. Sorry if I am! This guy sounds like one of those people who just likes to be liked so they just sort of collect women who are interested in them and cycle through them at their discretion. I know a guy very much like this. He keeps in touch with all his ex's because they stroke his ego still. He likes to have a woman waiting at home for him to call, while he's out with another woman. They're control freaks because they're kinda like the puppet master.

These kinds of guys are just insecure and need constant female attention to feel good about themselves, in my opinion. No woman, especially one who seems articulate and intelligent deserves to be treated this way. You are not and should not be treated as part of his "collection."

Tell him it bugs you, if you want to give him another chance. If he doesn't respect your wishes, even though you're not "boyfriend/girlfriend" yet, then he won't respect them if the relationship makes it to that point.

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