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Ok, to summarize as much as I can up until this point.

Some of you may remember (or not) a few weeks ago I was asking if I did anything wrong for telling my "girlfriend" about a dream I had about another girl. And nothing sexual of any kind happened in this dream. But my "girlfriend" was upset anyways. Everyone that responded pretty much agreed she was over reacting. Well I come to find out it wasn't the part about the dream that upset her, it was the fact that this girl is best friends with this guy that she absolutely hates.

note:"girlfriend" is in quotes because we're not officially girlfriend/boyfriend. You could say we're just talking. Neither of us can really commit to a full relationship due to school and work.

Flash forward to today. So the girl I had the dream about sends me a e-mail today saying she was going to be in town the first week of March (which also happens to be my spring break)(this girl I had the dream about goes to school in Pennsylvania but is from Florida, where I live) and that we can hang out if I want, then gives me her phone number.

I respond saying yea, I'd like to hang out. I then go on to tell her to try and not let this get to my "girlfriend". I then get a response saying that if we hang out she's not going to sneak around and let my "girlfriend" control the way she lives simply because she doesn't like her best friend.

I then say, thats fair and I suppose your right, then say I'd still like to hang out.

Now, while I can see why this would make my "girlfriend" upset, I don't really think its for a good reason. The way I see it is that I am simply hanging out with a friend and the only reason my girlfriend would be upset is because this girl is the best friend of the guy she hates so much. If it were any other girl I doubt she would mind.

While there isn't even any guarantee that I'll be able to hang out with this girl what should I do? Should I let my girlfriend know that I'm thinking about hanging out with her? Should I ask my girlfriend if its ok that I see her? Should I just do it and not tell her? I don't want to make my girlfriend upset, but at the same time I think its really stupid that I wouldn't be able to hang out with a girl that comes into town maybe a few times a year during summer and Christmas just because this girl is associated with a guy she hates. Its not even the girl herself thats the problem.

This is going to be a mess, and the only way I can see to avoid it is to do the lame thing and avoid seeing this girl when she comes into town.

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