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I believe that he stopped using drugs for you. But not for himself. I have some experience in dealing with people who use meth- my live-in boyfriends brother, my ex boyfriend, myself, my best friend.

The most recent experience i've had is with my boyfriends brother. He started using at the age of 18 or 19 and is now 23, He kinda stopped at the age of maybe 21- i'm sure he did it on and off but then really stopped because of pressure from his brother and family. He didn't stop for himself you see, he stopped for other people. So deep down he still had those urges. He was/is addicted. SO then at the age of 22 he got a girlfriend, and they broke up about a year later. Then he currently started using again.

There is nothing that you can do really. He even admitted to you that he was choosing the drug over you, so therefore he ended the relationship. It's not your fault. Even if he did stop using drugs and you two got back together, he will ALWAYS have those urges to use meth.. but he can learn with how to deal with it if he got help, rehab. But only if he truly wanted the help.

He's pretty lost right now. So many things going on with him. Him dealing with the guy that used to give him meth isn't going to make any problems go away, it will make them so much worse. If I were you i'd want to hurt the guy that he is working for and giving him drugs. Ugh, i'd be so pissed at that person. Any person who deals meth is evil IMO. That is a nasty drug that tears millions of lives/families apart. And anyone who is associated with that deserves to burn in hell.

I just want you to know that it's not your fault. You could be the most wonderful, loving person IN THE WHOLE WORLD, and he would [I]still[/I] chose meth over you because he is addicted. Once you get addicted, it's hard to turn back- he's just going to keep associating with the bad people who support his habit. Which is horribly wrong. He needs to surround himself with people who truly have his best interest at heart. And he's not doing that. You'll get through this- you're young and have your whole life ahead of you. This is bullcrap that no one needs to spend worrying on if it's not your problem because it will only tear you down also.

I wish you luck, I know how difficult this drug is..:angel:

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