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Some of you may remember that I posted about thinking that I might have been falling for my best guy friend. There have been some further developments since I posted, so I thought I'd update.

Friday I hung out with Jim for the first time in a month because he had been mad at me and wouldnt talk to me for two weeks or hang out with me for even longer because the last time I had went to the bar with him and his friend back in January, I ended up leaving the bar with Joe. (I was seeing Joe back in the end of November and December.) And Jim doesnt like Joe.

Anyway, Jim went on a bit about how he was still mad at me for it and was telling his friends that were at the bar with us on friday that "Just wait til Joe shows up, then she wont talk to us." then he told them that he hadnt talked to me or hung out with me for a month because I was being a c*nt the last time we hung out since I left the bar with the other guy. I shouldve just got up and left but I didnt. Jim was way drunk but was a jerk pretty much all night. When we said bye he gave me a hug and kissed me on the forehead.

So last night Jim went to the bar with his friends again and I stayed home. Joe called me and told me that he was at the bar and asked me what I was up to. So Jim and Joe were both at the same bar.

Jim and I had been txt messaging and he stopped talking to me. I asked him why he wasnt talking to me and he replied "you were talking to Joe." And I dont know how he knew I was talking to Joe on the phone, unless they were standing right by each other, i dont know.. that doesnt matter.

Screw Jim, he isnt my boyfriend and has never been my boyfriend and will never be my boyfriend. We have just been good friends for a year and a half. Who the hell does he think he is to tell me who I can and cant talk to and get mad at me over who I talk to.

I am a 25 year old single woman. Who I want to talk to and who I choose to see is my choice, my right and my business. I like Joe, so what if a relationship didnt work out between us, we still talk and see each other every now and then. Joe also happens to be absolutely gorgeous, and yes I would definetly see him again.

So all that time that Jim wouldnt talk to me and was all mad at me, I felt bad and I missed him. When I saw him and talked to him this weekend he was rude to me. I dont miss him anymore.

I think the only reason I was having thoughts of wanting to be more than friends with Jim was because I missed having him around. I am convinced that nothing other than friendship will ever happen between us and the way things went down this weekend I dont think I want them to.

I'm sorry if this post sounds immature or whatever, but I am angry. It really upsets me that Jim was rude to me and that he gets mad at me over who I choose to talk to.

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