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I think you should re-read your post again. Because the answer is right there in front of you. Your post implies strongly that you are ready to settle, just because he happens to be there. Even though he's a jerk, he treats you badly, he gets under your skin, and it sounds like you don't even like him. Why on earth would you want to get back together with a guy like that? You realize that relationships aren't supposed to be like that, right? But unfortunately, that's what happens when someone settles. Speaking as someone who has settled for Mr. Right Now instead of Mr. Right on too many occaisions, I can tell you that it's a humongous waste of time, and not worth it. You'll be regretting it but then you'll also turn into one of those girls who is afraid to leave the relationship because for some reason, "it's better than being alone". Which is totally not true at all, by the way!

I just don't think the guy has any redeeming qualities. He sounds like a loser. I'd dump him like yesterday's garbage, personally. Hopefully you won't settle for this chump because there are so many better guys out there, I mean guys that aren't doing to be rude to you and disrespect you like this guy does. Knowing that, why would you even want to consider being with a guy like that again? Doesn't make sense.

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