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Friendship problem
Feb 27, 2008
i have been friends with this girl for 8 years. we met in high school. a few years later i met this other girl at a party and we became good friends straight away always hanging out, talking on the phone etc. 7 months later i met this guy who i basically fell in love with. we dated for 6 months and i lost my virginity to him. he broke it off with me and i was devestated. about 6 months after he broke it off with me, my friend that i had known for 7 months went and slept at his house. by this stage i had known her for 2 years. i was angry at her because she knew how much i liked him so i ended being friends with her. she begged to have our friendship back and said she would never talk to him again. i forgave her and introduced her to my friend of eight years. she kept talking to him, wanting to hang out so i dumped her, changed my email and phone number because she wouldnt stop trying to contact me. my friend of 8 years told me that she wouldnt trust someone like that. but all of a sudden my friend of 8 years has decided to become friends with her after knowing how much grief this girl gave me. i feel betrayed. should i feel betrayed? my friend of 8 years went through her own grief with her boyfriend and after they broke it off, i seized all contact with him because im a loyal friend. this girl that went off with the guy i liked goes around saying that i think im better than others, writes stupid comments about me on her profile and my friend of 8 years opinion on this is, well she hasnt ever done anything to me. its like she doesnt care and i dont know if i want to be friends with her anymore. is this worth giving up a friendship for?
this girl who went off with the guy i liked has tried to poach onto a lot of my friends. im just sick of it. her best friend now works with my ex. this situation got so messed up. i want her out of my life, but noone seems to undersand.

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