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It boils down to two things: She respects YOUR feelings and boundaries OR somebody's packing. If YOU are NOT okay with this, then you should stand for it. She needs to understand that in a relationship, its not just ABOUR HER MORALS. You guys are doing this TOGETHER. It is NOT a relationship if she is running the show. If you let her talk you into this, or if you give in... you are creating a monster! She will RUN ALL OVER YOU!

I cannot name a boyfriend that will be okay knowing their girlfriend is sleeping with the opposite sex. What is the point??? This does not make any sense. I cannot think of a circumstance that would make this situation acceptable! Even if her male friends didn't have home - he should not be sleeping next to her in bed! Tell him to go buy an air mattress at walmart! they only cost 20 dollars! The couch is available too.

I am not implying that you cannot trust her. It is your place to sleep next to her. This is VERY PERSONAL. I do not let anybody sleep next to me. Nothing may happen, but it doesnt make any sense to put yourself out there! You should ask her if she would be okay with your "girlfriends" sleeping next to you in your bed. You need to explain to her that it is just not about her feelings. She needs to respect your feelings and your boundaries! so what if she was doing that when she was single - guess what? - she is not single anymore! If she wants to sleep next to her male friends, then maybe the single life is for her.

Listen, if you bend and give in for whatever reason. Whether if its you love her or you cannot be bothered to fight... the moment you give in. This woman will not have any respect for you! If you cannot stand for something like this, oh hell... best believe, it will just get worse! At that point, she knows she can test and push your limits. She will keep pushing and she will not budge - because you have proved to her that she can run you around!

I told somebody earlier... that we sometimes get treated bad because we let other people do so. The moment we give in when we know we should have put our foot down - it relays the message that we tolerate their stupidity. my boyfriend was such a jealous guy. He still is but he is not as bad as he used to be. He used to go through the hamper to figure out what i wore to the gym that day!!! he tried to control the way i dressed. He even went throught my phone to see who i called and if he did not recognize a number... OH HELL! what i should have done was left him right then and there - definitely 3 weeks - and let him understand that this can be temporary or permanent- and its all based on how he acts and if he can get himself together. Its a really simple concept. its like raising a kid. If they start pitching a horrible fit because you wont feed them candy - and you GIVE IN. they will understand that they can keep doing it and you will KEEP GIVING IN. but if you pop their butt and tell them that you will continue to pop them - guess what - they stop acting out.

Dont create a monster because the moment you give in, you will regret it.

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